Here’s how to combine your Skype and Microsoft accounts

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft has left its Skype acquisition relatively untouched since its merger years ago, but as messaging looks to become a revived battleground for companies of the future, it seems the company has a new vested interest in reigning in its competitive weapon.

During several keynotes and conferences, Microsoft has made it clear that Skype will play a much bigger role in the lives of Office, Windows 10 and mobile users and as a preemptive measure, the company is now looking to combine the user identities of the two services into one streamlined sign experience.

Here are 3 relatively easy steps for owners of a Microsoft account as well as a Skype account, to combine the two into a single sign in.

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Skype name.

3. We’ll ask you to update your Skype account with an email address –

That’s it! You’re all set! You can now use your Skype name or your email address to sign into all Microsoft apps and services. Remember to use the password for your Microsoft account, regardless of whether you use your Skype name or email address to sign in.

Users should note, if they are already signed into Outlook, OneDrive or any other Microsoft property online and have asked their selected browser to keep them signed in, there is an additional step that mus be taken. Users will need to log out of the Microsoft property and then follow the above steps.

Aside from that note, it seems Microsoft has made a concerted effort to ease the process of combining both a current Skype and Microsoft account.

Let us know in the comments how easy or difficult it was to combine the two.