Here's how I use the Start menu in Windows 10 Insider Preview


Here's how I use the Start Menu in Windows 10 Insider Preview

At the moment, I own an LG 34-inch ultrawide monitor with a resolution of 3440×1440 resolution. Windows 10 looks and runs amazing on an ultrawide monitor. In fact, I only use a handful of key programs and have them pinned to the taskbar thanks to the extra real estate offered by the widescreen resolution. Having my programs pinned to the taskbar allows for quicker access in my opinion, rather than utilizing the Start menu.

With that being said, I have removed all the tiles from the Start menu and shrunk the menu to make it even smaller so it only displays the power options, All apps menu, recent programs list, and a few other options. Since I rarely use the Start menu to launch a program (rather I use it to launch File Explorer or use the power button to turn off my computer), this layout works perfectly for me.

Not because I dislike tiles, but because the taskbar is small enough on my ultra widescreen monitor to offer me quick access to what I need, rather than having to inconveniently scroll all the way to the Start menu. If I didn’t have an ultra widescreen monitor, I would likely be using the tiles on the Start menu.

However, to each their own. Windows 10 offers the flexibility to adapt to your needs. If you prefer a larger Start menu with more tiles, simply place your cursor at the edge of the Start menu and drag it to the right to make it bigger. You can even drag it to the left to make it smaller. Or, use the full-screen Start if you prefer to see all your tiles. 

How do you prefer to use your Start menu? Do you pin any of your apps or programs to the taskbar or do you use the Start menu exclusively? Show off your screenshots in the comments below!