Here’s a look at the new Action Center coming in Windows 10 Creators Update

Dennis Bednarz

An event about Windows 10 Creators Update should reveal what new features there will be in the operating system, right? Unfortunately, we didn’t see that much of it at today’s event in NYC. However, some people have some sharp eyes, and a redesigned Action Centre has been spotted.

The changes were spotted by the user Marvin from the “Microsoft Group” on Telegram. The redesigned Action Centre brings quite a lot functionality changes. Quick Actions now have a clean and simple look, together with the new sliders for volume and brightness. And it can still be collapsed of course. Take a look for yourself:

It really does look modern and simple. These changes will most probably not be welcomed by everyone but there is no way thet everyone would be satisfied at once.

Let’s just hope this makes it to Windows 10 Mobile.