Here’s a look at the five confirmed games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November (so far)

Robert Collins

We are not quite halfway through October at the time of this writing, but already we are being treated to a pretty awesome month for Xbox Game Pass releases. Already we’ve seen the addition of Chivalry 2, Costume Quest, Eville, not one but two Walking Dead games, and today, the anticipated first-person horror-action title Scorn.

And by all means Game Pass in October isn’t done yet, with several more games slated to arrive on the service before the month is out, including another high-profile title: A Plague Tale: Requiem on October 18.

With all that said, we can already start looking ahead to November, because there are already 5 games confirmed coming to Game Pass next month. Here is the list (so far).

Sega’s turn-based strategy game Humankind was previously slated to hit Game Pass in November, but that has now been unfortunately postponed indefinitely. Still, it’s a pretty good lineup for Game in November with the month still a couple weeks away.

Which of these five games have got you stoked for Game Pass in November? Let us know down in the comments.

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