Here’s a first look at Epub integration in Microsoft Edge

Kit McDonald

ePUB on Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 Mobile

Mobile news site Aggiornamenti took it upon themselves to test the next preview build for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Their topic of interest? The ePUB reader released for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 build 14971 rolled out for the fast ring last week.

It’s safe to say that the next build for Insiders is introducing the same exact feature in Windows 10 Mobile devices. According to their experimentation, the features match the PC release perfectly including its (roughly translated) key features such as:

  • Index of the book: You can at any time refer to the index of your book and go from one paragraph to another with a simple tap, without the need to completely browse through the e-book
  • Bookmark: Like a real book you can save the last page read or anything else that has aroused particular interest. Again just a simple tap on the “Bookmark” that you will find at the top right of the screen
  • Search: A basic functionality as the search could not miss. Do you want to find a word / phrase in particular? The search will be for you
  • Style of editable text: The most interesting feature is surely this. You can change the text size, font style and theme of the book in an instant, thanks to the setting dedicated to the home. Ben 6 fonts at your disposal!

Perhaps the best news about the new ePUB file reader is that it doesn’t require copying the document to another file. The e-book will instantly open in the browser with just a tap.

Since this information was gleaned from the internal build, it isn’t available for Insiders just yet. Keep your eyes to OnMSFT for more news about when you can get to reading your ePUB files on Windows 10 Mobile.