Here’s a first a look at the new Microsoft Defender app for Windows 11 and Android

Laurent Giret

windows 11 laptop

The new Microsoft Defender app that was first discovered on the Microsoft Store back in October has reappeared today in leaked marketing images. Aggiornamenti Lumia shared earlier today an official picture showing the Windows 11 and Android versions of the app, and we can now get a closer look at what these apps will be used for.

As of today, the Microsoft Defender Preview app that’s available to download on the Microsoft Store is currently restricted to Microsoft employees, and the sign-in screen is all we had seen from the app until now. With today’s leaked marketing picture, though, we can see what looks like the app’s Home screen that shows connected Windows, Apple, and Android devices front and center.

The purpose of this new Microsoft Defender app will be to help users to keep all their devices secure against digital threats, including malicious apps and web links. The app will also be able to provide security tips and send users alerts and status reports on the go.

While we don’t know all the details about this new Microsoft Defender app, this new leak suggests that the app could be officially announced soon. Microsoft Defender (previously Windows Defender) is now being recognized as a solid anti-malware solution on Windows PCs, but it appears this brand is about to seriously grow beyond its Windows roots.

Microsoft Defender
Microsoft Defender
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