Be among the first to pre-order Xbox One X when available, pre-order games now

Arif Bacchus

Xbox One X - E3 2017

Microsoft yesterday took the wraps off Xbox One X, previously known as Project Scorpio. As we previously detailed, Xbox One X is a true monster and will be available for $499 here in the US starting November 7th (and the same day worldwide too.) Though the console is not yet available for pre-order, several pre-order pages for both the console and its upcoming video games are already available, so here is what you need to know.

Xbox One X Pre-order pages:

Those here in the United States who are interested in purchasing the Xbox One X should keep an eye on this Amazon page. And, if you’re so inclined, you also can turn to other retailers too, including both BestBuy, and WalMart. A Xbox One X pre-order page is also available at the Microsoft Store and you can find it by clicking here, though you can’t pre-order just yet. Similar pages are also available in the UK, including Amazon.

Xbox One X Games Pre-order

You can find several of the upcoming Xbox One X games available for pre-order in the Microsoft Store. We’ve listed a few of them below.

As the release date of Xbox One X approaches, more pre-order incentives and pre-order opportunities will definitely surface over time. For now, be sure to keep it tuned to OnMSFT, as we will be keeping our eyes peeled and will update you once more pre-order pages go up.