Here are the accessories Microsoft wants you to buy for your Microsoft Band, Surface Pro 4

Brad Stephenson

Windows 10 Mobile Display Dock

Microsoft has decided to actively remind fans about the variety of accessories that are available for all of their devices starting with the popular Mozo back cases for the Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL Windows phones.

These Mozo cases actually replace the default back on the Windows phones so as to still support wireless charging. Microsoft is giving away a red and white Mozo cover for Lumia 950 via Twitter. Those interested simply need to tweet @Lumia and @Mozo_FI their reason for wanting one. Entries must also use the #Lumia950 hashtag.

Other recently released accessories for Microsoft products include the Microsoft Display Dock (for a PC experience with a phone running Windows 10 Mobile), The Surface Pro Type Cover (which work with the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4), the new Surface Pen, the Surface Dock (which we also looked at here), and the Surface Sleeves for carrying the latest Surface models in. There are also the Microsoft Band 2 Charging Stand and Microsoft Band 2 USB Charging Cable for those that are looking for something new for their fitness tracker.

Do you use a lot of accessories for your Microsoft device? Which ones do you recommend? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.