Here are 5 Kinect apps which are currently in the Windows Store, download now

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Here are the 5 Kinect apps currently in the Windows Store

Microsoft recently announced an adapter to use the Kinect for the Xbox on Windows, SDK 2.0, and support for Kinect apps in the Windows Store. The apps show up as a collection, which you can view here (will launch the Windows Store application, if it doesn’t work, manually go to the Window Store collections). Currently there are 5 apps available, which we have introduced for you:

3D Builder is an application which allows you to scan objects with the Kinect (works best with Kinect for Windows v2). You can then use the model produced to print them via a 3D printer, or get a paper print. You can even scan yourself!

  • AhKonCha is a Kinect powered game. You control your avatar and “your little friend is stuck on an infinitely long conveyor belt, and you must help her/him avoid running into walls.”
  • Kinect Evolution is an app by Microsoft solely aimed at explaining the core technologies of the Kinect (e.g. motion sensor). It will help you understand the limitations and potential capabilities of your own app.
  • YAKiT is an app that will let you animate pictures of characters yourself using the Kinect in real time. Ever wanted to hear your voice come out of a president on Mt. Rushmore? Now you can! 
  • Fusion4D enables you to use your body to manipulate objects such as a brain, heart, the Taj Mahal, and more.

Two of these apps are made by Microsoft, and one is just used to explain what the Kinect can do. However, YAKiT has 203 reviews averaging at 4+ stars, while on the other side of the spectrum AhKonCha is just an app made by one developer, with only his review.

So nothing very exciting yet, but the promise is very much so. The Kinect has always been a hackers dream, and now you can grab yours from your Xbox, plug-in an adapter, try out an app from the Windows Store, and maybe make your own!