Having issues with Skype today? You’re not alone

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has been having some troubles with its online services recently. Earlier today, we reported that the company has rolled out a patch to fix syncing issues that have been plaguing Outlook.com over the last few days, but now the company has just acknowledged that Skype users may have some trouble to use the service as of now.

Here is what the company posted on the Skype Heartbeat blog a few minutes ago:

Hello, we are aware of an incident with our messaging service. Users could see delays, or failures in chat message delivery and group chat operations. Our engineers are on it and we hope to resolve the issue soon. We apologize for problems this may have caused to our customers.

According to additionnal data from Downdetector, the outage seems to be most prevalent in the US, especially on the east coast:

The Skype outage
The outage seems to be more prevalent on the east coast.

Sound off in the comments if you have also been affected by this outage today, and we’ll update this post if we learn anything new.

Update: according to Skype Heartbeat, “the issue has been mitigated.”