Having issues pre-downloading Forza 7 on Windows 10? Microsoft is working on a fix

Arif Bacchus

Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One and Windows 10

Forza Motorsport 7 launches tomorrow for Ultimate Edition owners of the game, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best games to ever grace the Xbox. Unfortunately, though, many frustrated Forza fans have taken to social media to complain about issues with pre-downloading the game on Windows 10. Turns out that Microsoft has heard the frustrations is aware of this issue and is working to fix it (via Windows Central.)

Currently, the Xbox One version of the game is not impacted by the Store issues. We were able to download and play the Ultimate Edition version of the game without any lag. Turns out, though, the issue is apparently due to the PC version of the game having technical problems with unpacking the download files from the Windows Store. This is not really surprising, because the game is over 100GB in size, and because the Windows Store has had issues with game downloads in the past.

Anyway, a Microsoft spokesperson has said to publications that “many people” at the company are working to fix the issue. The Forza Team also issued the following statement in regards to the pre-download problems.

 “We are aware that a small number of players are experiencing issues pre-downloading “Forza Motorsport 7” on Windows 10 PCs. For those affected players, this issue arises from pauses in the pre-download. This can occur with intermittent internet connections. “Forza Motorsport 7” is a massive game. We understand how frustrating it is to be blocked from pre-downloading. Your download will complete when your “Forza Motorsport 7″ edition unlocks – this Friday, Sept. 29 for the Ultimate Edition or Oct. 3 for Deluxe and Standard Editions. If you have encountered this issue, we sincerely apologize.”

This is just the latest set of problems with the Windows Store, as there is an ongoing known issue where the Store won’t download updates for some stock Windows 10 apps. With the general launch of Forza 7 coming in one day, though, you might have to trust Microsoft on this one and hope that the company resolves these issues by the end of the day today. We will be keeping an eye out on this and will update you when the download is back to tip-top shape.

given the game is over 100GB in size