Are you happy with your Windows phone?

Laurent Giret


These last couple of days have definitely been something for Microsoft and Windows Phone enthusiasts, as we have been seeing “Windows Phone is dead” pieces written by several Microsoft watchers that you may know. This is obviously still an ongoing debate, and if you’re worried about the future of your favorite mobile platform, we can certainly understand.

But today, Ginny Caughey, a Microsoft MVP and developer, turned the dreadful question around in an intriguing tweet:

It started an interesting conversation on Twitter, and we thought it would be a good idea to ask the exact same question to our dear readers on WinBeta.

Like many of my colleagues, I think mobile phones may be our most personal devices: we keep them with us nearly every time, we often worry about their battery life, we use them for messaging, consuming and creating content… and one day, maybe they will totally replace our wallets and keys! They’re also devices that can lock you into an ecosystem of content and services, so choosing one has to be made carefully.

Windows phones are still a niche player in the smartphone market today, even if they are a promising choice as we’re waiting for old Lumias to be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft’s latest mobile OS brought many improvements over Windows Phone 8.1, and if you don’t need specific third-party apps, Windows phones are just great to use. And remember, the company is still actively developing the OS, so we can’t say it’s a dead platform before we reach the upcoming Redstone updates, which may bring even more synergies between Windows PCs and phones.

So, we still like Windows phones a lot at WinBeta, and you probably do too if you’re reading us, but we would really like to know what you think, dear readers: are you happy with your Windows phone?