Happy holidays from OnMSFT.com

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft logo and name at conference

Tomorrow, November 26th 2020, is the Thanksgiving US holiday. As such, and throughout this week, news coming out of Microsoft has and will slow down, as the company pauses to celebrate and gather (hopefully mostly virtually) with their families.

We’re planning on doing the same here at OnMSFT.com. There will be no OnPodcast episode this weekend (Arif and Kareem will be back next week, though!), and posting may be light. We hope that wherever you are that you stay safe, and take a bit of time to be thankful for all we have, even in this time of uncertainty.

We have high hopes for the days and months to come, both with excitement for what’s planned for Microsoft, and in getting beyond this worldwide pandemic. For now, stay safe and enjoy Thanksgiving if you’re in the US, and get ready for what should be a great 2021. And of course, thanks to all of you for reading OnMSFT.com!