Halo Waypoint to provide weekly recaps of the TV series, spoilers included

Kevin Okemwa

Halo Tv Series Weekly Recaps

The sci-fi show premiered last week on Paramount+, setting a new record for the most-watched series on the streaming platform within 24 hours. Episodes will be released over a span of 8 weeks every Thursday. The first episode, “Contact” is already up.

As such, Silver Debrief on Halo’s Waypoint blog will be used to unpack all the action that took place during the episode every Monday. “It’ll be a source to recap the story of each episode in detail, serve as a hub for additional show-related content, and provide some more detailed insights into certain things.”

For instance, the Silver Debrief helps walk fans through the episode, particularly towards the end where the Master Chief removes his mask. In retrospect, 343 industries had already given fans a heads up that they would be revealing the true identity of the man behind the armor suit.

The Chief says that he’s trying to help her, and in response to her threat to kill him he notes that the weapon won’t so much as dent the titanium plating of his Mjolnir armor. It is at this point that he removes his helmet, revealing the man beneath, looking into Kwan’s eyes and making himself vulnerable to show that he means what he’s saying—that she will be executed if they land. Upon asking why the Chief is choosing to help her instead of following orders, he finds that he doesn’t truly know the answer.

There will also be a show dubbed Halo The Series Declassified. It will serve as the official after-show hosted by Sydnee Goodman. Essentially, the show will help walk fans through the events that transpired during the episode through interviews and BTS goodies. This week’s Declassified episode is already live on Facebook.

The blog provides a detailed account of the episode, and to avoid spoilers fans should first watch the before going through the blog. As such, fans should hop on the 30-day trial of Paramount+ through their subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to watch the show.