Halo Infinite season 2 community livestream interrupted by secret teaser

Robert Collins

A somewhat ambiguous teaser found it way into the most recent Halo Infinite Season 2 community livestream, which was broadcast Wednesday night.

The clip abruptly began during a portion of the livestream in which 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard and community manager John Junyszek were showing off some of the season 2 Battle Pass items. In the clip, we first see a company logo which reads LUX VOLUSPA. We then hear a frantic conversation between a man a woman as the company’s systems are apparently being hacked. The bit ends with the woman declaring that “they’re here.” The clip ends with another shot of the logo: LUX VOLUSPA: ARTIFICIAL MINDS. REAL SOLUTIONS.

Note that the clip, which lasts around 30 seconds, begins at about the 1:05:27 mark.

Otherwise the mystery teaser didn’t intimate much about what it actually pertains to, though many fans seem to think it has something to do with the rumored battle royale mode addition coming to Season 2: Lone Wolves. It is interesting to note that Lux means “light” in Latin, while Voluspa is the Norse word for “seer” or “prophet.”

For the time being it looks like we may have to wait May 3 when season 2 launches, and maybe beyond, to find out.