Halo gets the arcade treatment with Fireteam Raven, coming this Summer

Laurent Giret

After launching a new Halo game for Windows Mixed Reality headsets last year, 343 Industries unveiled yesterday Halo: Fireteam Raven, a cooperative arcade shooting game set in the timeline of Halo: Combat Evolved. While an arcade Halo game may not appeal to all console players these days, the whole experience will use high-end hardware you don’t usually see on coin-operated machines.

Halo: Fireteam Raven has been developed in partnership with arcade gaming experts Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix, here is how James Monosmith, Sales and Marketing Manager, Halo Consumer Products described the technology:

An enormous 130-inch, 4k screen experience and four turret-mounted, multipurpose machine guns allow four players to fight Covenant troops, spacecraft, and vehicles, encounter the horrifying “Flood” infestation — and save the galaxy in frenetic, explosive combat. Scatter all this across a wide variety of epic landscapes and encounters in a cooperative (and competitive!) experience and you’ve got a Halo adventure like nothing else you’ve ever played in the franchise

You’ll be able to try Halo: Fireteam Raven this summer at Dave & Busters in the US and Canada, and the arcade game should be available in more locations this Fall. The interesting part is that there will be an integration with the Halo Waypoint website to let gamers compare their scores online, just like they can already do for existing Halo games. Sound off in the comments if you’ll be first in line to try the arcade game this summer.