Gamers have spent 290 years playing Halo 5 Beta in only 3 weeks

Sean Michael

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Statistics regarding game play of Halo 5 Beta multiplayer were recently posted. 343 industries may be spending many man hours working out bugs in Halo The Master Chief Collection but users have been spending lifetimes on Halo 5. Some staggering stats are listed but it’s worth having some fun with the stats too.

Blue teams wins 52.55% of matches. You can’t credit that to a small sample size because total gameplay hours total at over 2.5 million. If you’re trying to get a leg up on the competition, or you are looking for a side in the Netflix series Red vs. Blue you now have some greater insight.

Almost half of every kill in Halo 5 is assisted. There are around 92 million assists to the approximately 181 million kills over the lifetime of Halo 5. That falls to about a 2:1 kill to assist ratio.

Halo 5 Statistics

There have been almost 6.5 billion shots fired in Halo 5 but with around 2.5 million game hours played that comes out to only about 43 shots per minute.

Nearly 45 million hours of Halo 5 has been watched on Twitch with ‘Ninja’ claiming the top spot with 130,872 hours watched. ‘Ninja’ is also the leader in unique viewers on Twitch at 437,960.

These numbers are amazing on their own but one number is the most mind boggling. All of this has happened in only three weeks since the release.