Hackers allegedly have the Google Play Store working on Windows 10 Mobile

Sean Michael

While the promise of Android apps being ported to Windows 10 Mobile using Project Astoria is alluring, some users want the entire Google Play Store inside of their Windows 10 Mobile device, or at least want to prove that it’s possible. That’s exactly what polish hacker Karov_mm is claiming he’s managed to do.
We’ve recently reported on Android apps being sideloaded into Windows 10 Mobile but they have limited functionality due to a lack of Google Play services. By having the Google Play Store inside of a Windows 10 Mobile device, a user could be able to run any and every Android app. According to WMPowerUser, Karov_mm was able to do this by using chmod from adb shell, though no one has confirmation of how well this hack actually functions.
While many apps will be brought into the Windows 10 ecosystem through the various means of porting apps and the universal app platform of Windows 10, this is both an intriguing hack and one that shows there’s a desire out there to have apps that are currently limited to Android (and presumably iOS) on Windows 10 Mobile.
Per usual we won’t link anything about how to perform the hack and don’t recommend altering your devices.