Developer gets Windows 10X running on an old Lumia 950 Windows Phone, and it works well

Arif Bacchus

Windows 10x On Lumia 950 (1)

A lot of attention has been paid to Windows 10X as a Chrome OS alternative from Microsoft, but could it also be a mobile phone operating system, too? One developer going by the name of Gustave Monce on Twitter has managed to do what many thought would be impossible and recently installed Windows 10X on the long-dead Lumia 950 Windows Phone.

Obviously, doing this is quite the project, but Gustave managed to get a lot of Windows 10X working on the Lumia. He notes that the UI is adaptive to the resolution of the phone, and shows the sliders and Action Center in Action. He also showcased the large taskbar option, too, as well as an about screen showing the specs of the device.

There’s even a video showing the boot screen in action, with the new Windows logo. And, if you had a hard time believing the reality, another video showing split-screen multitasking and the settings app, too.

Interestingly enough, if you’re the technical kind, you also can try this out for yourself if you dare. Gustave linked to an FFU image, which you can use to hack your own Lumia. He notes that some things are still broken, though, including auto rotation, cellular, and camera. It even appears to work with Continuum, too. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not an expert hacker, but it’s still cool, to say the least.