Guest access coming to Microsoft Teams as external trials begin

Laurent Giret

Two months ago, Microsoft shared that it wouldn’t be able to deliver Guest access to Teams in June, as the company promised it earlier this year. At the time, the Redmond giant explained that it was “facing some issues” with the much-anticipated feature, though it remained a “top priority” for the company.

Guest Access remains the most requested feature on the Microsoft Teams uservoice website, with many users looking forward to use Teams to communicate with freelancers or vendors outside of their organization. According to a new report from Brad Sams from, Microsoft is currently testing the feature with a very small group of external users, but the feature is not ready yet for the public.

The beta testing may have started several weeks ago, and Microsoft still has some pretty serious bugs to fix before making the feature generally available. “The worst bug was that if you clicked on any Microsoft username, you could then browse the company’s internal org charts and message anyone at Microsoft, even the CEO,” explained Sams. “I believe this bug has been fixed but it goes to show you some at least one of the issues involved with allowing guest access to the environment.”

The report says that Microsoft is currently focusing on stability, and it remains to be seen if Microsoft could finally introduce Guest Access next month at Ignite, the company’s annual event for business leaders. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the dedicated uservoice website and Microsoft Teams Blog to see Microsoft has some good news to announce before the event.