Groupy 2 is publicly available today

David Allen

Starting today you can purchase the final release of Stardock’s Groupy 2, There’s also an enhanced version Groupy 2 for Business which adds the ability to centrally control licensing for multiple users   In case you’ve forgotten Groupy 2 allows you to group files and programs together in a tabbed interface.  Groupy 2 works with both Windows 10 and 11.


Once installed creating a group is as simple as dragging two windows on top of each other, this will combine them and add the tabbed interface.  Removing an item is just as simple, just drag the tab off the group.  You can save your groups to the taskbar for quick access as well as style them to your liking.  Since the public beta release in May, several enhancements have been made.

  • Added option to enable the Mica-effect for focused and unfocused windows
  • Added support for Cntrl+N to open a new doc/app
  • New UI option to make tabs square for those who prefer that look.
  • New drop down menu in the tab bar makes it easier to group applications
  • Option to hide left side Groupy icon added to advanced UI settings
  • And lots of other tweaks to the UI

Groupy 2 is available for $9.99 and Groupy 2 for Business for $14.99 directly from the StarDock Website