Grab the Xbox One with Kinect for $449 starting February 8, 2015

Hammad Saleem

Grab the Xbox One with Kinect for $449 starting February 8th

Microsoft had a good holiday season with the Xbox One as the company reduced the price of the Kinectless model by $50 to $349, even the model with Kinect came down to $449 as a part of the promotion. If you failed to get your hands on the console during the holiday season, there’s a some good news for you.

Starting February 8th, customers will be able to pick up the Xbox One with Kinect for just $449, a discount of $50 over the actual price of the console. The promotion is for a limited time and will last for two weeks from February 8th — it ends on February 21st. So you have to act fast if you’re thinking about picking up a unit.

The deal is available at major U.S. retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart, as well as Microsoft Stores. It’s also worth mentioning that Xbox One without Kinect is still priced at $349.