Got a new Windows 10 PC? Here are some tips from Microsoft to get started

Kit McDonald

It’s the day after Christmas and many new users are just now booting up their presents. Thankfully, Microsoft anticipated the surge of Windows 10 devices being turned on and posted a convenient little list of tips to help get started.

Often one of the most forgotten apps on Windows 10, Microsoft wanted to make sure that new users were aware of the Get Started app which is accessible just by typing into the Cortana Search Box at the bottom left of the desktop screen. Furthermore, the Welcome tab can help direct to help topics, log in locations, Microsoft Edge, and various other quick navigations. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use the Browse Topics tab.

There’s a lot of features crammed into Windows 10 and it’s a lot to process, so Microsoft also listed some various tutorials that new users might find helpful:

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