Google’s mobile productivity apps dominate Microsoft’s, according to SurveyMonkey data

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Office apps on iOS

As we have described in the past, there are many Microsoft apps available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Data provided to Computerworld by SurveyMoney Intelligence, though, is now showing that Google’s mobile productivity apps are dominating Microsoft’s.

The data used in the survey was compiled from U.S. users who completed a SurveyMonkey survey.  Overall, it examined the usage of Google’s and Microsoft’s productivity apps on mobile devices and is expressed as monthly active users, or the number who ran each app at least once in April.

SurveyMonkey results
SurveyMonkey results

It should be noted that this data could be skewed by a number of factors, including the types of surveys run, and who they were targeted at, but it’s still quite interesting.

The SurveyMonkey data given to ComputerWorld shows that Google Sheets boasted 2.9 million monthly active mobile users in April, which is double the 1.4 million of those who ran the Excel app. Additionally, and much more dramatically, Google Docs had 24.6 Million monthly active users, and Word only 4.6 million monthly active users.

The story is also the same with email services, and the survey finds that Gmail was used by 96.7 million people in April while the Outlook app only had 6.3 million users.  Similarly, with online cloud storage services, Google Drive had 47 million active mobile users, and OneDrive only 4.9 million.

While these statistics are U.S. only, they can still be somewhat jarring to Microsoft fans who love to use the company’s mobile productivity and office apps.  So, we would love to know what you think of these statistics. Be sure to drop us a comment below to sound off!