Google’s Bard can now help you code

David Allen


Bard, Google’s offering into the AI space is getting an update today for coders.  Bard can now help developers with software development including code generation and debugging explanations.  Bard now has the ability to help you with programming tasks in more than 20 languages including C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and more.

You can easily export code to Google Colab with no copy and paste required and get help with your Google Sheets functions as well.  In addition to generating code Bard can explain the code snippets on a line-by-line basis for you.  This will be especially useful for those learning to code or an experienced coder needing a little more help to understand what the code might output.  Bard can even fix the code it generates so if you get a snippet that doesn’t work as intended just tell Bard “This code doesn’t work please fix it”  and Bard can help with the debugging process.  In some cases, Bard can help make your code more efficient.  After the initial output just respond with “Could you please make this code faster?”

It’s important to remember Bard is still in the experimental phase and may produce inaccurate or misleading results.  Always double-check your code against Bard’s responses.  If Bard quotes at length from an existing Open Source case, the case will be cited. For more the latest Bard updates visit the Experimental updates page.

Image Via Google