Google’s AI tool Bard adds new features

Kareem Anderson

Bard Hero Image

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Google continues to hammer away at developing new features for its generative artificial platform and recently released a few that include Listen/Speak responses, tones, styles, image prompts, and more.

Bard’s July update helps expands the number of languages the AI tool supports as well as also making the platform accessible in a couple of new regions that include Brazil and Europe.

As for the long list of features for Bard’s July update, users can look forward to the addition of tones and styles that work as semi-templates for prompt responses. Bing Chat offers a selection of three tones that allow focus chats in “More Creative”, “More Balanced”, and “More Precise”.

Google’s Bard now can offer tones and styles that include Shorter, Longer, Simpler, More Casual, and More Professional in its responses. Unfortunately, the addition of tones and styles is only supporting the English language at the moment.

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Users will also get a chance to try out Listen/Speak responses which will recite answers aloud to listeners in 40 different languages.

History/ Revisit prompts is also being worked out in the latest update which allows users to revisit or pin old prompts in the sidebar for quicker access to info.

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Developers will now be able to export their Python code to Replit or Google Colab. There is no mention of support for other distros at the moment.

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Google is merging its Google Lens platform with Bard to enable Image Prompts in the AI tool which will allow users to upload image alongside prompts to analyze photos to produce content. Again, this new feature appears to be English-language supported only at the moment.

Lastly, users can now share their Bard chat responses with others with the inclusion of a share link. Presumably, the link will open up an instance of Bard in the other person’s browser. Sharable Bard conversations supports the list of 40 languages Bard has made accessible that include Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish to name a few.

The features began rolling out today, users may need to exercise a bit of patience when attempting to access all of them immediately.