Google racks up a second antitrust lawsuit from the Department of Justice

Kareem Anderson

Sundar Pichai in court

The Biden administration joins the Trump administration in targeting Google with antitrust lawsuits.

Earlier today the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google claiming the business has violated antitrust laws regarding its advertising business. This new DOJ lawsuit marks the second antitrust lawsuit against the search company in roughly two years as it follows a previous charge in 2020 under the Trump administrations supervision which claims Google uses exclusionary agreements to undercut its competitors in search.

Leading the charge for the DOJs most recent lawsuit against Google is DOJ Antitrust progressive chief, Jonathan Kanter who Google attempted to have recused from investigations due to his previous work with outspoken critics of the company such as Yelp and News Corp.

Kanter has been cleared by the DOJ of any potential conflicts of interest and is set to prove that Google leveraging its unique position as both an ad and search platform to create a lucrative anticompetitive loop cycle for the company.

Kanter is receiving support from a collection of state attorney generals in California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia as well being able to point to three other antitrust suits against Google that are currently pending.

Google is under increased scrutiny as nations regulators have seemingly awakened to the complicated intersectionality of the internet and revenue as they seek to curb the company’s expansion and potential harm into other markets.