Google owned Waze will likely see no more updates on Windows Phone

Staff Writer

waze app will likely see no more updates on windows phone

Waze may have gotten its last update for Windows Phone. A customer had asked the company on Twitter if the development had stopped, and the company responded with: “There are no plans for an update as of now but things can always change.”

If you look at the Windows Phone App store, a lack of features and updates seems to be a popular complaint. And it does not seem like it will be solved. This is unfortunate, as with Microsoft updating Windows Phone with features such as Cortana, there was potential for a deeper integration. And if the devs do not update the app, it is inevitable that it will be obsolete soon. In today’s world, not updating a service with many powerful competitors is a death sentence, and in this case also an abandonment of a platform. 

Waze is a very popular navigation app, with user input for tips as a major differentiating point. The app was bought by Google last summer. Google’s history with support for services on Windows Phone is pretty bleak and dropping Waze updates is not helping their reputation with Windows Phone users.

Do you use Waze? If so, taking this news into account, will you continue using it?