Google to make lightbulbs and dishwashers


No, you did not read wrong. Google announced during its annual I/O conference that it was not content with dominating just the internet. In fact, Google is setting its sights on integrating with your home too.

As The Telegraph reports, Google is working on creating a new range of devices including light bulbs, dishwashers, thermostats and “almost anything electrical”. We can see these awesome items around the end of this year.

Google calls this initiative “Android@Home” and said this was the first step into “the internet of things.” During a demonstration, Google showcased a tablet that could control lights and music around the house. Google said its aim was to let a range of devices “discover, connect, and communicate” with each other. “We want to think of every appliance in your home as a potential I/O device.”

Probably the most interesting statement of them all was this: “Android was always meant to go well beyond the mobile phone. We’re opening the platform up to everyone to do whatever they can imagine.”

Google is making a bold move by entering a whole new playing field. Imagine controlling your home appliances, such as your dishwasher or the heating system, with your Android device as a remote control. We will just have to wait and see on how this one turns out.