Google integrates AI technology into the mobile version of Gmail

Priya Walia


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Google’s search functionality in Gmail is expected to improve with the rollout of a new AI-driven feature for smartphone users.

According to a recent blog post by Alphabet, Gmail users on mobile devices can anticipate the integration of a “top results” section, which will enhance search accuracy when retrieving past messages or attachments through the Gmail app.

Updates are being rolled out to the mobile apps for both Google Workspace and personal Google accounts, which will include new machine-learning models. Among the changes, users will notice a new section called “Top results” appearing at the top of their search results.

The new AI-powered feature will consider various factors, including the user’s recent emails, to present the most relevant search results.

“When searching in Gmail, machine learning models will use the search term, most recent emails, and other relevant factors to show you the results that best match your search query. These results will now appear at the top of the list in a dedicated section, followed by all results sorted by recency,” said Google in a blog post.

As stated in Google’s official blog, the “top results” feature has been in high demand and will soon be accessible to all Gmail users on their mobile devices within the next two weeks. However, It is currently uncertain if the function will also be integrated into the web-based edition of Gmail.

Google has exhibited a strong dedication to integrating AI into its offerings, as evidenced by the launch of its latest feature. The tech giant rolled out multiple AI-focused services and features during its I/O developer conference held in May.

The release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a well-known generative AI platform, and Microsoft Bing prompted the proliferation of advancements and substantial financial investments in the field. Consequently, Google initiated efforts to keep pace with their popularity, culminating in the release of its AI chatbot Bard. 

Via PCMag