Google has begun offering generative AI search results similar to ChatGPT to compete with Bing

Priya Walia


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In a recent development, Google has introduced its latest generative AI capabilities in Search. The announcement comes after the company’s successful teaser session at the I/O event two weeks back, and now, it is offering access to Search Labs, a new program that enables individuals to register for experiments, including the Search Generative Experience, and test them before a border release.

In contrast to the typically austere Google homepage featuring 10 blue hyperlinks, Google’s generative AI outcomes emerge in vibrant boxes atop the habitual search results. By scouring miscellaneous online sources, Google assembles the data into a facile-to-peruse list, which incorporates links to suppliers’ websites, as well as purchase options at Best Buy, as per ARS Technica.

An email notification will be sent to those who have registered for Search Labs once the new generative AI features in Search are ready for testing. For those who have not yet registered but are interested, access to the Labs icon can be found in the latest version of the Google app (for Android and iOS) or on a Chrome desktop.

According to Google, AI Search has been developed to simplify the search process by reducing user effort. This can aid in comprehending complex subject matters, discovering diverse perspectives, and streamlining tasks for enhanced productivity. The tech giant says that the latest version of AI search uses a segmented approach while searching, provides quick answers to specific queries, and furnishes pertinent information regarding items to purchase.

Moreover, the organization has announced that it will be refining and updating this feature based on user feedback. Presently, access to AI Search is restricted to users residing in the U.S.

Google appears to be ramping up its competition with Microsoft, as the latter has been utilizing AI search through Bing for some time now. It remains to be seen whether Google can keep pace and continue to maintain its significant lead in the search industry.

Via ARS Technica