Google Duo joins the group video calling surge

Arif Bacchus

From Microsoft Teams to Zoom, everyone these days is seeking group video teleconferencing solutions due to the ongoing Cornavrius pandemic and social distancing rules. Well, Google has just joined in on the fun and by popular demand is announcing some updates to its Duo calling service.

According to a tweet from Sanaz Ahari Lemelson, Senior Director of Product & Design at Google, Duo is finally getting group calling on the web. Supporting up to 32 people, the Lemelson says that the feature is now rolling out on the latest version of Google Chrome. We see it on our end, and users can try the feature by visiting Duo and tapping the Create group button at the sidebar. This will then allow users to add people from their contacts, or share the link to have them join.

Knowing the issues with Zoom, security might be a worry, but Lemelson says that the team at Google has been working to make sure calls stay secure while on the web. Google is using the new WebRTC API to do this.

Now that Duo supports group calling of up to 32 people, it has caught up to Microsoft Teams and Zoom. If you missed it, Microsoft recently announced Teams would get Zoom’s killer feature and show 49 meeting participants. Even Teams for education is getting the 7 x 7 grid view.