Google Bard now presents citations that closely resemble those on Bing Chat

Priya Walia

Google Bard Featured Image

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Google made an official announcement yesterday regarding its improved ability to display citations that have an uncanny resemblance to those on Bing Chat. The update includes a numbered system that appears beside the relevant line of text that, upon clicking, provides access to the sourced material and corresponding link.

Additionally, the search engine giant shared that its AI software program, Bard, has been refined to enhance its function of creating concise summaries that accurately reflect the connected content.

Also, as per Google, Bard can now efficiently recognize the matching portions of any response to its source material, identifying them with corresponding numbers alongside the response text. Users can easily match the source with the relevant text section and seamlessly navigate through it by clicking on these numbers. The company aspires to simplify the process of source identification and presentation for its users, offering in-line source links that are more easily accessible.

Initially reported by Search Engine Roundtable, the citations have now adopted a similar appearance to Bing Chat.

Nonetheless, the outcome appears to be counterproductive as upon clicking the number sign on the left to unveil the primary source and its corresponding link, the result was unsatisfactory. Curiously, the link yields a 404 error code, indicating that the page is no longer accessible. In fact, the page has not been functional for a year and a half.

Furthermore, Google has stated that they have improved their summarization capabilities through advancements derived from large language models, resulting in an enhanced version of Bard. The upgrade has significantly upgraded the software’s proficiency in summarizing information, a valuable feature for efficiently grasping the essence of a subject matter.

“Starting today, we’ve tuned the model to be better at concise summaries – this is especially helpful when you want to get the gist of a topic quickly like this one,” Jack Krawczyk of Google wrote on Twitter.

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