Google announces AI-powered search ads

David Allen

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Microsoft and Google continue to compete for the lead in AI search. Today Google is introducing AI-powered search ads. This comes after a recent meeting Microsoft had with advertisers to discuss how AI search and advertising could work together.

One of the new tools Google is introducing is the ability to create assets for your ads using Google AI. Google’s new AI-powered ads will ensure that the correct ad is delivered to the right user with relevant assets. The challenge in doing this, however, is creating additional headlines and descriptions. Google introduced automatically created assets at Google Marketing Live last year. These features allow responsive ads to show the most suitable selection of assets based on the ad’s content and landing page.

Automatically created assets are now available to all advertisers as part of an open beta. Google says early adopters have seen a two percent increase in conversions at a comparable cost per conversion with responsive ads.

Additionally, the update includes the following features.

  • Ad Strength will consider current assets and created assets when determining a rating
  • Assets that are created automatically will use provided inputs such as keywords to improve headlines and relevance.
  • Any automatically created assets you don’t want to include in your ads can be removed

These updates are set to roll out over the next few weeks.