Google is bringing Android Play Store games to Windows PCs next year

Arif Bacchus

Google might be looking to spoil Microsoft’s Android apps on Windows party. At The Game Awards (via The Verge,) the search engine giant announced that it is bringing some Android Play Store games to Windows PCs next year, as a new special built app.

It should be clear that Google isn’t partnering with anyone on this new project. Rather, the company said that it has built its own native Windows app that’s not at all tied to the Windows Subsystem for Android, or even Windows 11. This should let players resume games from a phone on a desktop PC after playing on a phone, tablet, or a Chromebook.  Apparently, the technology isn’t dependent on the cloud, either, and will run locally, even on Windows 10.

On another front, Microsoft has started testing Android apps on Windows 11 PCs in first the Beta and then the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program. The solution is quite cool, but it highly is limited when it comes to gaming, as a lot of games depend on Google’s Play Services which isn’t officially compatible with Windows. Only games approved by Amazon, and available in the Amazon App Store, currently run in Windows natively.

Of course, developers and activists have side-loaded Android games and other apps, or even used programs like BlueStacks, but the performance has been very limited due to emulation. It will be interesting to see how Google’s own solution works,