GitHub app updates on Android and iOS with new features, changes, and improvements

Brad Stephenson

GitHub app icon.

The Microsoft-owned GitHub smartphone apps updated this past week for both iOS and Android devices. This latest update added support for releases, added deployment review notifications, and a number of additional improvements.

Here’s the official release notes for the Android update which brings the app to Version 1.4.14:

  • Browse releases and download release assets when viewing repositories
  • Approve and reject deployment approval requests from notifications
  • Introducing new markdown bar shortcuts for adding quotes, strikethroughs and task lists
  • Fix language inconsistencies
  • Performance improvements for viewing issues and pull requests
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

And here’s the update for the iOS update which brought the app up to Version 1.6.0:

  • Introducing releases! Navigate through all releases in a repository, browse the release notes, and download release assets
  • Introducing deployment review notifications! Review and approve deployments from your iPhone or iPad to unblock your team and keep the deployment pipeline moving
  • You can easily check if the user is a GitHub Star or not through the newly added GitHub Star badge

The iOS GitHub app also received an additional update this morning that included some minor bug fixes. The iOS should now be at 1.7.0:

  • Viewing the details page for issues, pull requests, and files changed, should render correctly on GitHub Enterprise.
  • Fixed errors that would occur when creating or editing comments on GitHub Enterprise.

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