GigJam gives businesses a blank canvas to work together virtually

Sean Michael

Gigjam gives businesses a blank canvas to work together virtually

During the Worldwide Partner Conference today there will be plenty of news rolling out about how Microsoft can help its partners. The first major announcement of the day is GigJam, a blank canvas that lets you pull data from multiple sources. It has Cortana integration and helps businesses share easily customizable information. There’s an official Microsoft website for GigJam that has a box to enter your email to receive preview access.

The keynote presentation shows off a hypothetical situation in which one person works from their Surface Pro 3, another from their iPhone, and has the information shown on the Surface Hub. GigJam allows enterprises to bring in anyone connected to the project or problem they are working on and filter specific information to make it easy to view information. In the presentation they filtered customer orders, linked them to emails correlating with specific customers, and then shared specific orders with each other. They also have the option to filter out data so they don’t share emails that are confidential.

Gigjam is about facilitating work, being able to work together remotely, and streamlining virtual meetings. There’s a blogpost from TechNet with more details and as news about Gigjam develops we’ll have more details.