GFI Software Releases GFI FAXmaker™ 2011


Network fax server software to increase efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises

London, UK – November 16, 2010 – [url=]GFI Software[/url], a leading IT solutions provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, today announced the release of [url=]GFI FAXmaker 2011[/url], the latest version of its network fax server software that allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their email client. This new release, with full support for Fax Over IP (FoIP), features several enhancements to maximise efficiency and better serve the growing fax server market.

GFI FAXmaker, a network fax server software solution for SMEs, cuts costs and makes sending faxes a simple and efficient process by eliminating the strenuous steps often associated with standard fax machines. The product allows for paperless faxing directly from a user’s email client. The new release of FAXmaker adds additional features to streamline the process of faxing materials, for an increasing number of users who need faxes to run their businesses, while observing compliance regulations like HIPAA.

A report from research firm Davidson Consulting forecasts a 15.2% compound annual growth rate for the computer-based fax industry – becoming a $700 million market by 2014.(i) “Adoption of Fax Over IP is increasing and pushing the fax industry forward beyond traditional fax use,” said Nicholas Aquilina, product manager, GFI Software. “GFI FAXmaker has been serving this market since 1996 and the latest version brings new features that our customers need to increase the efficiency of their businesses on a daily basis.”

The enhanced features of the new release include:

– A new OCR engine: Through the integration of the latest OmniPage Capture SDK from Nuance, the new optical character recognition module increases recognition quality and provides support for over 115 Western languages as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
– The ability to save to Network Share: An administrator will have the ability to save faxes to a Network Share to avoid overloading the Exchange with faxes. An email with a link to the file can be sent to the recipient who will then access it directly from the share.
– Fax Class 2.1 speeds Support: GFI FAXmaker 2011 will support the higher speeds of Fax Class 2.1, resulting in less time required for fax transmission, lower costs and more efficient use of hardware available
– Full support for FoIP: The XCAPI Fax Over IP solution will be integrated within GFI FAXmaker. Every license of GFI FAXmaker will come with one free channel of XCAPI FoIP for one year.
– Support for Dialogic SDK v6.3: Dialogic SDK version 6.3 features a new light version of the SR 140 fax software named SR 140-L. This light version has a reduced feature set that provides customers with key capabilities at a better price point. Customers will now be able to evaluate SR 140 and SR 140-L without requesting a demo license on a case by case basis.

“With a compound growth rate of 15.2%, the computer-based fax market is far from on its knees. Faxing remains an important technology for many organisations in vertical markets and we continue to register excellent growth in the fax server market. With GFI FAXmaker 2011 we are giving customers the functionality and feature enhancements they require to increase efficiency and also comply with regulations and industry standards such as HIPAA,” said Walter Scott, CEO of GFI Software.

GFI FAXmaker is particularly attractive to healthcare organisations because it facilitates compliance with HIPAA and other compliance regulations when dealing with fax-based communications with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and other hospitals. Medical professionals also have the ability to attach the solution to their notebook computers to aid in communications in a highly mobile work environment.

GFI partners with a number of [url=]companies[/url] who provide direct features for products such as GFI FAXmaker, and fully supports integration with third-party products or compatible hardware solutions. By partnering with these organisations, GFI is able to offer more comprehensive products and recommend solutions for customers.