Getting Titanfall for Xbox 360? Here’s what to expect!


Getting Titanfall for Xbox 360? Here's what to expect!

Titanfall has been one of the killer titles for Xbox One and, after a short delay, it is making its way to the Xbox 360 as well. There has been much talk about what the game is going to look like, particularly how it will compare to the Xbox One version. As is often the way with software of all types, the game has fallen in the hands of some people slightly ahead of launch — although not by much — and they have been good enough to upload some videos to YouTube so everyone can check out the graphics and gameplay.

In fact, EliteXbox360Gaming has uploaded several videos, showing everything from an Attrition match on Boneyard to footage showing off campaigns. The verdict? It’s all pretty impressive!

Just a few days ago, the developers had tried to quell fears that 360 owners were going to be in for a sub-standard experience, reassuring gamers that the older console’s version of the game would be “the true experience”.

Judging from the footage, it seems that they were correct, and a large proportion of the commenters on the YouTube videos seem to agree. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

You can click through to see all of the other videos that have been uploaded by EliteXbox360Gaming, but don’t forget that it won’t be long before you can grab a copy of the game for yourself.