Get your free Doctor Strange Cloak of Levitation Xbox Live prop here

Brad Stephenson

Doctor Strange

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is getting a fun little promotion in the Xbox Live Marketplace with the giving away of a completely free digital avatar prop for Xbox Live users’ avatars. The prop in question is Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation and it’s a fully animated item which interacts with an avatar before attaching itself to them and letting them fly. Anyone with an Xbox Live account and an Xbox avatar can demo the prop in action and claim the item for free here. It can also be found by searching the avatar prop marketplace on the Xbox One console.

It’s unclear if this item’s free status will be for a limited time or not but it could be permanent as Marvel/Disney also gave away an Avengers T-Shirt last year and that item is still free.

Do you enjoy dressing up your Xbox avatar? How many Marvel-related props do you have? Share your recommendations in the comments below.