Get this new Fallout Battle Map Pack now for Minecraft Console Editions

Laurent Giret

Minecraft Fallout Battle Map Pack

Good news for Fallout and Minecraft fans, Mojang has just announced the release of the Minecraft Fallout Battle Map Pack for Console Editions. The additional content includes three Fallout-themed maps for Minecraft’s Battle mini game, Libertalia, Capitol and Atomics Galleria.

This release follows the launch of the Fallout Mash-Up Pack on consoles in December, which brought new skins, textures, and a new post-apocalyptic world to explore in the popular sandbox game. Speaking about the three new maps, 4J’s art director David Kenningale shared that the creative process was quite a challenge. “We did think about doing things in a Vault but we felt it was too enclosed for the way that Battle plays and you might get lost in the tunnels a little bit too much,” he explained. “So we decided to take it above ground and condense some of our favourite areas from across the series.”

The Libertaria map features lots of water and cables to run across.

The Fallout Battle Map Pack will cost you $2.99 on your Xbox One or your Xbox 360 and you can get it from the download links below. Let us know in the comments if you plan to purchase this additional content!

Get the Fallout Battle Map Pack on your Xbox One

Get the Fallout Battle Map Pack on your Xbox 360