Get your hands on a gorgeous custom Mad Max themed Xbox One

Michael Cottuli

The Mad Max game is set to hit store shelves on September first, and in celebration, Major Nelson is hosting a giveaway. The prize on the line is one of 10 digital codes for the game, along with a grand prize in the way of this gorgeous custom Mad Max themed Xbox One, along with a digital code for the game.

Mad Max
Gorgeous custom Mad Max themed Xbox One

Mad Max has been on everyone’s mind since the film launched a couple of months ago, and for good reason. It introduces audiences to a world that no other film series has come close to since, and it achieves the perfect balance between gritty action schlock and feminist masterpiece. Whether the game spin-off is going to live up to that level of quality is yet to be seen, but if what we’ve been shown so far is any indication, the Mad Max game could be something very special.
If you want to enter the giveaway, all you need to do is answer the question “What car would you start with to build the ultimate war vehicle?” in the comments section of this blog post. The question fits pretty well with the Mad Max theme, and people are sure to come up with some interesting answers.
Before you apply to the contest, be sure to confirm that your Disqus account has a Twitter account or e-mail address associated with it, since Major Nelson is going to have to directly contact the winner through one of those services. If you don’t reply within 72 hours your prize will be forfeit, so keep an eye on your messages.
Winning one of these contests is fairly unlikely, but I would suggest giving it a shot anyways. Mad Max is looking to be a strong addition to this year’s lineup, and possibly a Game of the Year contender. If nothing else, I’m entering to get my hands on that beautiful Xbox One.