Get $200 off an Oculus Rift when you buy a Dell or Alienware machine

Michael Cottuli

A few days ago, we finally found out what the Oculus Rift is going to cost for people who want to get into the new frontier of technology during its first generation. The Oculus Rift was announced to cost a whopping $600 in its first wave – a price that’s upset more than a few people. Fortunately, Alienware and Oculus have a plan to help alleviate some of the concern by offering a $200 discount to those who purchase certain Dell and Alienware PCs.

In general, the outlash has been understandable, considering the Oculus Rift costs more than any gaming console. Many people feel it’s unfair to ask them to pay more for a peripheral than they would pay for a full-fledged machine, and nobody can really blame them for having these sorts of reservations. Whether or not you feel like the Oculus Rift is worth $600, the fact remains that nobody would turn down the chance to save some money if they decide to pick up one up.

At a private event, Alienware and Oculus announced that they’re going to be cooperating to offer prospective Oculus customers a chance to lighten the load on their checkbook. Assuming that you already need to pick up a new computer in order to run Oculus Rift games, you may be more than a little happy to hear that the two companies are working together on this one. Starting now, if you purchase any Alienware X51 R3 gaming desktop or Dell XPS 8900 desktop, you bundled ith with an Oculus Rift and chop $200 off of the Rift’s hefty asking price.

If you take advantage of this deal, keep in mind that your new desktop will still be arriving at its earliest convenience and won’t necessarily be packaged with a shiny new Oculus Rift. The virtual reality device itself will be sent to you along with the first wave of Oculus pre-order shipments in March. Sweetening the pot, the Oculus Rift will come bundled with Lucky’s Tale, and EVE: Valkyrie – the highly anticipated sister title to EVE: Online.