You can now stream PC games on Xbox consoles with GeForce Now

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Logo

The GeForce Now cloud gaming service added support for the Xbox consoles’ Microsoft Edge web browser app this week. This means that the numerous PC games in the GeForce Now library can now be played on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X console families.

GeForce Now works in much the same way as Xbox Cloud Gaming does in that it processes video games on a remote server and streams the visuals to the user which they can interact with in real-time.

With a sufficient internet connection, the result is that of playing a game as if it were being run on the local device. The main benefit of cloud gaming is that it doesn’t require the player to invest in expensive hardware to run major titles as all of this processing is handled by the cloud computers. Cloud gaming also removes the need to sit through long installation and update times as all of the video games in the cloud gaming service are already installed and updated on the remote hardware.

Microsoft’s own Xbox Cloud Gaming is a direct rival to GeForce Now and is currently available on PC and Apple devices via a web browser and on Android with the official Cloud Gaming app. Xbox Cloud Gaming has been confirmed to be coming to Xbox consoles and can also be used right now in Edge though it’s officially still in testing and is pretty clunky.

Funnily enough, Xbox Cloud Gaming is already working on another video game console that isn’t an Xbox, the Atari VCS.

Editor’s Note: Google Stadia can also be used via browser on Xbox consoles. Somehow forgot that existed.

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