Garmin Connect Mobile now has a Universal Windows 10 app

Brad Stephenson

Garmin connect mobile

Garmin Connect Mobile has just released a new Universal app for Windows 10 devices. The app works in association with Garmin fitness devices and allows for fitness and health data to be uploaded to the cloud by syncing with a user’s device over Bluetooth. The app can also allow data such as weather forecasts and message or call notifications to be sent to a Garmin fitness device.
Here’s the official app description:
The newest version of Garmin Connect Mobile is designed to help you to focus even more clearly on your fitness and healthy living goals. All the data you rely on is easy to find and access on the app. Plus, you can also upload data from your compatible fitness watch or device to share via our online network, so you can compare times or compete with friends on weekly step or running challenges. You can even use the app’s Bluetooth® connectivity links (with a compatible smartphone) to receive current weather conditions, forecasts, voice call/text message notifications, and more – right on your Garmin fitness device.
The app appears to be limited to specific regions (it’s unavailable here in Australia for example) but it does support an impressive number of languages. Do you use a Garmin device or are you more a fan of its competitors such as Microsoft Band and FitBit? Let us know in the comments below.