Games in the ID@Xbox program have generated $500 million in revenue

Michael Cottuli

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The ID@Xbox program remains to be one of the greatest facets of Xbox, period. Bringing some truly unique ideas to the industry by empowering independent developers, ID@Xbox has been an almost exclusively positive influence on the creative progress of the medium. Recently, the ID@Xbox Twitter commemorated an amazing achievement for the program, revealing that $500,000,000 in sales have been racked up from ID@Xbox games since the program’s inception.

The program has been one of the big saving graces of Microsoft’s console, after a rocky beginning to the generation. It had a big part to play in shifting public opinion back towards Microsoft in lieu of Sony and remains to be a huge powerhouse for new, valuable IP. The most recent example of an ID@Xbox success story is Cuphead – a game that came out a few weeks ago to tons of praise, and still is managing to remain relevant. With more games still on the way for the program, it should remain exciting to see what new ideas come out of it.