Gamers can now buy Xbox Lynx body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant in Australia and New Zealand

Brad Stephenson

The limited edition Xbox-branded Lynx body spray, shower gel, and antiperspirant are now available for gamers to buy in stores in Australia and New Zealand.

These special products were first announced back in June and are part of a new cross-promotional marketing campaign by Lynx to appeal to the modern male teen demographic.

To help promote the release, a four-minute short film was produced following a shy teenager who is given the confidence and energy to confront his bully, ask a girl out, and finish all of his chores after using the Xbox Lynx body spray.

“We had to combine two unrelated brands into a narrative led film that lands the LYNX confidence platform in an emotive way,” said Zane Pearson, the director and group creative director of Emotive, the company behind the short. “Gaming means everything to this audience, so the opportunity to combine the tropes of the gaming world with LYNX was incredibly exciting, but equally challenging to ensure genuine gaming authenticity.”

The film is incredibly light-hearted and fun and features references to the Forza, Fallout, and Street Fighter video game franchises in addition to the famous Xbox Achievement unlock notification as the teen levels up his life.

You can watch the commercial in full here.

While it can be easy to connect this promotion to the negative stereotype of the unkempt gamer with bad body odor, Xbox-branded Lynx products actually make a lot of sense for Microsoft’s Xbox which has recently begun experimenting with evolving its identity from one associated with video games to one closer to a lifestyle brand with its very own official fashion line.

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