Microsoft confirms Windows 10 build 10036 will not be officially released to Windows Insiders

Kareem Anderson

Gabe Aul confirms that Windows build 10036 will not be the build released this month

For those of you who are eagerly waiting to test a new build of Windows 10, you will have to keep on waiting. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul has taken it to Twitter today to mention that no new build will be released today, nor will Windows 10 build 10036 be made available. For those who do not recall, build 10036 was leaked over the weekend.

As we ‘Insiders’ settle into this new preview paradigm of Microsoft, some of us are quickly coming to terms with some current realities. First, Gabriel Aul, the General Manager of the OSG Data and Fundamentals team at Microsoft, is often times the only one tweeting to fans and answering questions (sometimes vaguely) about Windows 10. And secondly, the Windows team typically tries to avoid releasing a build on Mondays and Fridays. 

When asked if build 10036 will be the next Windows 10 build released to Windows Insiders, Gabriel had this to say:

In a series of tweets, Gabriel confirms that a new build is not scheduled to be released today. He also clarifies that screenshots and the leaked 10036 build people were playing with over the weekend will not be released officially. Build 10036 appears to be quite buggy creating quite a bit of issues for those who managed to install it. As anyone involved in phased development can attest to, Microsoft may be sitting on several builds, many of which may be dated and were never intended for public consumption.

As we continue to look to Gabriel for answers, he’s also shine light on a few interesting developments about Windows Technical Preview, like why it’s taken so long to push out a newer build in spite of the new “rapid release” cycle the team claims to be on; or why only select handsets received the Windows 10 Preview for phones and lastly what we can expect to see for the future of build releases.

Gabe doesn’t go into detail about whether or not Insiders will receive a build that has less features than the build that was leaked over the weekend or whether Insiders will be receiving a much newer build that is further along in the process. I would wager that it’s a safe bet that with the tight schedule Microsoft is on, and essentially missing a month of public testing and review, the Windows team will be releasing something with even more features than were reported over the weekend.

If you’re anxiously awaiting the release of a newer Technical Preview build, keep your eyes on