Fujitsu set to raise Windows PC prices thanks to increase in cost of importing components


Fujitsu set to raise Windows PC prices

Thanks to the Yen’s drop to a four-year low and the subsequent increase in the cost of importing components as a result, Fujitsu is planning on raising prices for its Windows-based PCs. Fujitsu is also contemplating removing any discounts on existing PC products.

“It’s impossible to change our suppliers as we’ve been taking measures to combat a strong yen,” Fujitsu’s CFO Kazuhiko Kato stated. Fujitsu plans on increasing the use of materials common to multiple PC models to lower costs and the company also plans on reducing the number of products it sells.

Fujitsu has been relying on imported components from Intel and imported software such as Windows from Microsoft. The Yen weakening to 101 per dollar last week, the lowest level since 2009, only makes things worse for Fujitsu.

Fujitsu is already cutting 5,000 jobs and transferring 4,500 employees to other companies. Fujutsu reported a 72.9 billion yen loss for the 12 months ending March of 2013, with a net income of 45 billion yen this fiscal year.