FTC denied preliminary injunction on Microsoft Activision deal

Kip Kniskern

After about a week of testimony ending on June 30th, and some nail biting waiting time as the decision was anticipated, The FTC’s attempt to require a preliminary injunction against Microsoft’s attempt to acquire Activision Blizzard King has been denied.

Here’s a link to the public redacted version of the decision, via Florian Mueller, who has been following the acquisition’s legal contortions closely:

While this decision is good news for Microsoft, as noted by President Brad Smith:

… Microsoft is not done clearing hurdles in its attempt to acquire the maker of Call of Duty, as a decision against the acquisition by the UK’s CMA still stands, and the FTC could still act, even though they clearly lost this round.

We’ll have more on Microsoft’s ongoing attempts to acquire Activision as events unfold.